Website Design

We specialize in affordable professionally designed websites. We dare you to try and find another company cheaper that can present the quality of work we do. You can’t. We customize all of our websites to each client’s specific needs. Great web design is all about marketing, increasing sales and maximizing your brand. A successful and effective site needs to be designed by creative professionals that are marketing minded at the same time. Blink Multimedia is exactly that.

We understand that a majority of our clients have little to no experience with websites and digital media and we do everything we can to make your experience with us as simple and painless as possible. We will clearly explain everything you need to know and not overload you with useless options.  We have a very simple design process that incorporates your approval along the way guaranteeing a final product that you are happy with.

Appearance is Everything – Convey The Right Message
Dress for success! If your website looks like it was created by professionals, then your company will look professional. If your website looks cheap and useless, then … well you get where we’re going with this. It sounds too simple, but it’s true. As human beings we are quick to judge by appearance, and websites are equally prone to this. Your website reflects on your company, and here at Blink Multimedia we understand this. So allow us to make sure you are reflecting the right messages and the best image possible.

Mobile Responsive

The web has gone mobile …
So should you!

All of our websites are designed to be mobile responsive. This means regardless of the device used to view your site (computer, phone or tablet) it will automatically detected their screen size and optimize your site for their viewing experience.

Don’t lose potential clients and viewers because they can’t properly view your content. Let us make you a mobile responsive site today.  Look professional & attract potential clients & viewers regardless of the device used.

Responsive Website Design
client editable

Client Editable

All of our websites are designed in a way that you could alter your own content should you want to. With a simple text editing interface (similar to Microsoft Word) you can easily change the wording on any page of your site. You can even add or change images as well. 

Client editing is available for your convenience. We will gladly manage your updates if that is your preference.

Our Website Designs Include

  • A Mobile Responsive Design

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization

  • Cross Browser Compatability

  • File Hosting Services

  • A Client Editable Interface

  • In-Depth Site Statistics

  • A Personalized Domain Name

  • And More ...