Video Production Johnstown PA

At Blink Multimedia our goal is to provide you the best product possible all while making the process simple and easy for you.

Blink Multimedia can take your ideas and bring them to life. We cover all aspects of the video production process including creative, production and distribution. With our professional equipment and personnel we have all the tools to achieve exactly what you want.

We create a wide array of video productions including television commercials, web videos, corporate videos, event videos and sports videos to name a few.

As a multimedia company we can maintain your corporate identity across all media platforms. Your video will fit right along with the rest of your campaigns.

TV & Web Advertising Commercials

You don’t need to be in a large market to have quality video production. Your ad will be affordable, and it will look great! Our team of experienced production specialists geared with professional equipment can produce a video that will convey information while building a relationship between your business and the customer.

All videos we create can be used for both television &/or the web to suit your needs. As a multimedia company we can efficiently integrate your video online. We take your ideas and messages and make sure they are consistent and effective across all media formats.

Corporate Videos

Blink can help your business with all of your video needs. We have recorded corporate videos of all types including safety videos, informative videos & promotional videos.

Do you have a safety speech you give regularly? Let our DVD do the speaking for you. Are you constantly promoting your products or events? Let our video promote for you online 24/7. Potential clients would rather see to believe.

One simple video from us can save you and your business time, effort and most importantly money.

Choose Blink For Your Video Production Needs

There are plenty of reasons you need to hire Blink Multimedia for your next video production. Here are just a few to get started …

  • Experience

    Our network of videographers are the most talented and experienced video guys in the region.

  • Quality

    Our videos stand out from the others it’s as simple as that. Don’t settle for a lesser quality product.

  • Affordable

    We don’t have salaries, receptionists etc. to pay for. You are only paying for the actual cost of your project.