Photography Johnstown PA

Pretty much everyone now has a camera with them at all times (their cell phone), but having a camera doesn’t make you a photographer anymore than owning a hammer makes you a carpenter. Professional photographers beyond having superior equipment, it is their experience and training that truly makes the difference. At Blink Multimedia we have taken thousands of pictures ranging from personal portraits to to corporate product photos. Let us show you the difference a professional photographer can truly make.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Blink Multimedia pictures are worth even more.


Product Photography

Product photography is very important and crucial to the success of your products marketing campaign. A photo that isn’t professionally taken runs the risk of a poor first impression by clients essentially lowering the importance or worth of your product. If you say your product is the best, it should look like the best. At Blink Multimedia we will make sure your product looks it’s best and gives a great first impression.

Good product photography will actually make you money in the long run.

Paying a professional might cost more upfront but factoring in time, effort and potential money loss from an inferior product photo you can see that the cost is well worth it.

Team Photos

Blink Multimedia has years of experience with sports team photography. We bring the studio to you and take pictures at your location. Our packages include the regular sizes like 8x10s, 5x7s & wallets and include other favorites like magnets and pins. We even create our own customized memory mates.

Team Photos Johnstown PA


Owning a camera does not make you a photographer. It’s tempting to try and save money by doing things on your own but when it comes to your business’s reputation it’s never worth it. Here are a few reasons why a professional photographer at Blink Multimedia will ultimately save you time, effort and money.

  • Cost

    There is a big time, effort & money value to getting things done right the first time. Pros get things right initially saving your company these valuable resources.

  • Time

    A “do it yourself” project almost always takes longer than originally anticipated … much longer. Pro photographers can keep your project on it’s deadline.

  • Equipment

    You are only as good as the tools you have. Cell phones & not knowing camera settings will give you an amateur look.

  • Experience

    Experienced professionals make everything look simple. It took years of training to make things that “easy”.

  • Editing

    Snapping your photo is “easy” but what about editing in post? Without editing skills even the best photo will never reach it’s true potential.

  • Finished Product

    Professional photos have a nice polished look that is hard to replicate. If your photos look like they was created by professionals, then your business will look professional.